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Cannon-Karlos’ new work consists of deconstructing recycled cardboard and transforming it into an alternative surface to create new imagery.  The work reflects her interest in physics – understanding the nature of reality as energy coalesces into form.  The imagery present in the deconstructed cardboard seems to be in the process of both emerging and dissolving into existence.  The cardboard itself reveals levels of unique textures that give a relief quality and tangibility to the imagery. 

Sentient Being #1
The Tao.jpg
The Tao- #3
The Tao #1
3 Body Problem
3 Body Problem (reconfigured)
Evolving Worlds

“Tribal Spirits” is a series that reflects Cannon-Karlos’ African heritage and interests in indigenous cultures. In this instance the materials and application reveal the images as both evolving and dissolving as indigenous cultures are both regenerating and modernizing.  Based on traditional African Masks, Cannon-Karlos’ “Tribal Spirits” are a tribute to the “Spirit World” that traditional masks represent, that which exists in the non-physical realm before it emerges into known reality. 

There are reflective and iridescence materials on some of the new works that allow the image to shift and change depending on the viewer’s perspective. 

Tribal Spirit 6-Raleigh Art Society1.jpg
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