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Captivating images are composed in a fascinating multistep process that involves ultraviolet light applications.
Images are printed on special backlit film and presented in elegant backlit frames for a great look.

The work begins as a 2 or 3 dimensional prototype utilizing acetates and plastics as a base and various forms of wet media including fluorescent paint, metallic dyes, india inks and acrylic paints.

In regular lighting conditions (can’t work in the dark) the wet media is mixed and applied randomly to the surface where it is allowed to dry and articulate itself into its desired final form - a form which “appears” to be blah and uninteresting.


The true reality of the prototype is not revealed until exposed under ultraviolet lights . There the true reality is revealed as beautiful, mysterious and provocative. The prototype is photographed with a 35 mm digital camera under ultraviolet lights and then, in some cases, digitally enhanced and/or manipulated. 

The images are then printed on backlit film and presented in two types of backlit framing options - one sleek and modern, the other, classy and elegant. The result is work that literally comes to life in the lighted frames or with natural light through a window.

Digital images can be modified in color, size as well as printed on any medium including backlit frames that allow the image to glow.


Please contact for more info and to place orders...

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